3 Tips for Marketing a Summer Vacancy

3 Tips for Marketing a Summer Vacancy

You’re an Indianapolis landlord because you know how great Indy is, especially during the summer. You don’t want marketing a summer vacancy in your rental property to eat away all your free time. After all, maybe you have big plans for your Salsa game and plan on hitting the floor on Latin Nights at The Jazz Kitchen

You needn’t give up all your summer fun in Indianapolis when a vacancy requires a marketing plan for your rental property. Follow these tips to build a waiting list for your Indianapolis rental property. 

Summer Is Hot for Rental Property Marketing

August is the most popular month for apartment move-ins. And most of those new tenants start their search at least 30 days prior. What’s causing all these people to switch up where they’re hanging their hats? 

The new school year is just around the corner. Indianapolis is home to top-notch colleges and universities, including first-rate Butler University. College students are looking for apartments to call home during the trials and tribulations of lectures, mid-terms, and cafeteria food. 

Undergrads aren’t the only ones tethered to the school year life cycle. Families, also, wait until summer to move into new rental homes to avoid disrupting their children’s school year. 

And, of course, Indianapolis, being a cultural hub in the Midwest, sees its share of winter’s fury. Snow is great for snowboarding at Paoli Peaks, but not so great for moving sofas over icy sidewalks. 

Market Your Rental Property’s Summer Vacancy Early

The sooner you start your rental property marketing for summer vacancies the better. Apartment searches begin to climb in January, then peak in July. Tenants who begin searching for their Indianapolis apartment in January tend to be planners, while those searching in July are more rushed. 

Marketing throughout the year will help increase the number of rental applications you receive. When a vacancy arises, you can be ready with a waiting list of quality, vetted tenants. 

Summer Fun Marketing Ideas for Apartments and Rental Properties

Here are some fun rental property marketing ideas to help you build that list of great potential tenants. 

Host a social media photo contests for your current tenants. Encourage your current renters to share their living experience with monthly photo contests. Contest themes can include best decorated apartment, poolside fun photos, or photos of their pets enjoying apartment life. Every time a renter shares a photo, you increase the likelihood that their friends, who are likely renters also, will see your rental property. 

Create an immersive video experience of your rental property during the summer. The idea is to help the potential renters imagine living in your rental property. Get creative and have fun. Get your quirkiest summer outfit on, say, a Hawaiian shirt and a wide brim hat. Now record yourself enjoying all the summer fun your rental property offers, from the pool, to the backyard patio, to the air conditioning. 

Host resident events. Encourage your renters to invite a friend. You can attract new renters while encouraging current renters to stay by hosting fun events. Schedule a potluck barbeque and provide the meat. Invest in an outdoor movie screen and host a movie night.  

Partner with a rental property management company. A rental property marketing expert can help you find highly qualified tenants for your summer vacancy. PMI Midwest has the experience to help you quickly find the right renter for your home or apartment. You’ll have dependable, paying tenants without sacrificing your summer plans. 

Photo by Raphaël Biscaldi on Unsplash