Camera Shy? 3 Ways to Get Comfortable Using & Making Videos of Your Rental Property

Camera Shy? 3 Ways to Get Comfortable Using & Making Videos of Your Rental Property

Video marketing is a proven tool for real estate, including rental properties. Are you already sharing pictures of your vacant rental property on social media? You're likely to get 1,200% more shares if your social media post includes a video. Using a video to market your rental property could net you four times more inquiries than the usual photo and text listing. You'll distinguish yourself from your competition because few landlords are taking advantage of video marketing.

Rental property owners are hesitant to create videos of their properties, and it's no wonder. Creating and posting a video can seem intimidating. The truth is that getting started is easier than you may think. All you need is a decent smartphone and a selfie stick. Once you feel at ease with a camera, you'll be able to create and post a video of your vacant rental with minimal editing.

But “feeling at ease” is the trick, isn't it? If you're like most people, you probably can't push past the horror of being on camera for the whole internet to see. But don't let your camera shyness keep you from using video as the most effective marketing tool for your rental properties. Use these tips to get comfortable using video marketing for your rental properties.

Write a Script

It's helpful to think about the things you say and do when you show your rental property to potential tenants. You naturally rave about the rental's best features. If you were completely silent during the walk-through, the potential tenants would probably feel uncomfortable.

In the same way, your marketing videos for your rental property would be awkward if you don't say anything. The key is to speak as effortlessly with the camera as you do with potential renters. It's easy to draw a blank when you're speaking to a camera. A script will help you remember to touch upon all of your talking points.

Edit Your Script for Length and Content

The best way to edit your script is to walk through your rental property while you're reading it. You'll be able to create a natural, conversational flow to your words. Look for features you forgot to include. Make notes.

While you're doing this “dry run” of your script, you'll get a feel for how long your video will be. There are many opinions about how long your video should be, ranging from two to seven minutes. Short and sweet is the best rule of thumb. It's better to give potential renters a reason to call for more information than to bore them into clicking over to a cute cat video.

Practicing for your video as you edit your script for length and content will help you feel more comfortable when it's time to record.

Practice with Your Camera

Now you know how long your video will be and what you're going to say while you're recording. You're ready to get into the more technical aspects of video marketing for rental properties. It's important you understand your smartphone and record a practice video of your rental property.

Correct lighting is important for all photos and videos. As a beginner, you probably don't have specialized lighting equipment. That's okay because natural light is almost always the best choice. Open the blinds in your rental and aim for a cloudy day.

One piece of equipment you do need is a selfie stick. Inexpensive and versatile, a selfie stick will keep your fingers away from the lens and allow the best angles for recording. Your practice video is your chance to master this simple tool.

Follow these tips while recording your video:

·   Only point the camera at yourself when you are saying something important. Otherwise, let the viewer see the rental property.

·   Emphasize space by providing full room views.

·   Avoid overexposure by not pointing the camera at a window.

Use these tips for getting comfortable with creating marketing videos for your rental property. Video will get your vacant rental seen by more prospects. You’ll get more inquiries for your property. Before you know it, your dilemma won’t be camera shyness. It will be how to choose amongst a long list of quality applicants.  

Are you convinced video is a powerful marketing tool, but still not ready to pick up the camera? Give us a call. We know how to market your rental to the best prospects in Indianapolis.