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Why Choose PMI Midwest over the other Indianapolis Property Management Companies?

Owning rental properties should be more or less easy, and we strive to make it that way! We are the Midwest’s leading commercial and residential property management company. Our goal is to provide you with management solutions that help your properties operate smoothly and generate maximum profits while freeing you up from inconvenient day-to-day management responsibilities. Our team of experienced management professionals will make owning property a profitable and enjoyable experience. Whether your assets are apartments, mini-storage, flex warehouse, commercial developments, or office spaces, our company ensures that your property is well managed to attract and retain tenants at an affordable rate.

Forget about the other Indianapolis property management companies. By choosing Property Management Inc, you ensure that your investment is being managed by someone who has management as the primary focus of our business. While our company has reached sufficient size to enable organization efficiencies and numerous failsafe policies, we have not lost our ability to provide extraordinary customer service like other Indianapolis property management companies have.

What makes us stand apart from other Indianapolis property management companies? We understand that different properties need different approaches to property management and our team is flexible and innovative. We look for opportunities to market outside of the box and we come together to create campaigns that offer viable effective solutions for marketing commercial property in our region.

You can take great pleasure in knowing that our experience is your success. Contact us for more information on managing your commercial property.

Meet the Local PMI Midwest Team

Mark Jones

Mark Jones is the President & Founder of PMI Midwest. He has been in the industry since 1996, spending all of that time in the greater Indianapolis & surrounding markets.  He began his career as an investor building a portfolio consisting of single-family homes, doubles, small & medium-size apartments, & commercial office buildings. It was this experience of building & managing his own portfolio that led him to create PMI Midwest - Indy's premiere full-service property management company.

It is his passion & knowledge of investment real estate that allows not only PMI Midwest to be a property management company, but also a company that can assist its owners in achieving their individual financial goals with their investment portfolio. In addition to his dedication to the real estate investment industry, Mark and his wife, Kristin, are active in school & volunteer activities. They enjoy traveling, camping, & boating with their two sons, Corey & Dylan.  As a Penn State University grad, Mark also enjoys attending Big Ten basketball & football games & is blessed to be able to do that often living in the Midwest.
Kristin Jones
Business Development Manager

Kristin Jones is the Vice President of PMI Midwest. In addition to her contribution to the marketing and operating of PMI Midwest, she has more than 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry. She was first attracted to the Real Estate & Mortgage industries because there is an element of entrepreneurship coupled with the opportunity to serve others in an incredibly special way– helping them find & finance their home.

Her versatile knowledge of the industry allows her to help her clients in making the best decisions about their financing, while doing as much as she can to make the home-buying process less stressful for them. Outside of her career, Kristin enjoys traveling with her husband, Mark, and two sons, Corey & Dylan. She also enjoys boating and practicing yoga in her spare time.
Jennifer Preston
Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Preston our COO and oversees the responsibilities of all other departments. Her 20 years of experience in property management coupled with her complete insight into each of our departments and how they work together allow her to keep our processes running smoothly and efficiently

If a department’s main point of contact is unavailable or unable to assist you, Jenn Preston is sure to be able to help. Jenn enjoys working on her own home projects in her spare time. She has three kids and two dogs who keep her busy as well.
Becca Young
Director of Owner Relations

Becca Young is our Director of Owner Relations, she can be contacted for general questions throughout on-boarding & beyond. Becca is the liaison between our office & owners, and can direct you to the appropriate point of contact if you aren’t sure who to call.

Becca loves family time with her husband, Billy, and daughter, Olive. Her ideas of fun include baking, board games, swimming, playing at the park, a beach vacation or a cabin in the woods, going to the movies and marshmallows over a bonfire.
Jennifer Marvel
Director of Marketing

Jenny Marvel is our Director of Marketing. She works with owners from the beginning to the end of the leasing process of their homes. She puts the home on the market and conducts unit showings. She communicates with owners on a weekly basis on what the market is showing to help adjust their homes and get them rented.

She also processes leases and reaches out to owners about potential tenants for their homes. She is a dog mom to two dachshunds, named Khaos and Dexter. She enjoys gardening, hiking, reading, and crocheting in her free time.
Michele Benedetto
Director of Tenant Relations

Michele Benedetto is our Director of Tenant Relations. She takes care of rent collection and outreach to tenants on late payments. She communicates with owners on all things related to late payments, payment arrangement requests due to hardship, security deposit disposition disputes, approval for eviction filings, and updates from the associated court proceedings.

Michele loves family time with her twin grandsons Caiden and Corbin who live with her. She also likes spending time with her other 7 grandchildren when possible. Her ideas of fun include laying by the pool, summer concerts, baking, going to the casino, hanging out with friends and family for the holidays.
Kira Preston
Director of Maintenance

Kira is our Director of Maintenance. She handles all aspects of maintenance – fielding requests, scheduling with vendors and communicating with owners and tenants on the progress of the maintenance.

Kira is loud and obnoxious, she terrorizes the office singing “running up that hill” by Kate bush. She has 5 cats and a dog. In her free time she watches new girl on Netflix. Kira keeps a smile on our faces with her big personality and great sense of humor.
Rusty Willey