Vacant Homes for Rent: How Indianapolis Landlords Find Tenants

Vacant Homes for Rent: How Indianapolis Landlords Find Tenants

Has your rental property sat vacant for months, leaving you without a source of income? About 47% of people check online when looking for available properties. Without a strong digital marketing strategy, these renters will never find your online listing.

Instead of losing revenue, start using these effective strategies to reach Indianapolis tenants online. Become a successful landlord with these tips today!

Update the Online Listing

A dull online listing won't attract Indianapolis renters to your vacant properties. Update your listing with a compelling home description and eye-catching images.

Explore other Indianapolis rental properties online. What helps these listings stand out? You may notice:

  • Stunning photography
  • Virtual or video tours
  • Detailed home descriptions
  • Unique features and available amenities
  • Lists of stores, restaurants, and venues nearby
  • Information about the neighborhood (safety, schools, etc.)

Optimize your online listing for relevant local searches. About four in five people use search engines to find local information. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your online listing rank higher for online searches.

Appearing at the top of a search engine results page can help you generate more website traffic. As you attract more people to the listing, your ranking could improve.

Add a compelling call to action to the listing. Encourage renters to reach out with questions or to schedule a tour.

Design Digital Ads

Gain more online visibility by creating eye-catching, compelling digital ads. Use both Facebook Ads and Google Ads to design your ads and determine your targeting.

When developing your ad campaigns, use tight targeting parameters to start. A broad approach could cause you to blow through your budget.

When someone clicks on the ad, they'll discover your online listing. Use compelling call-to-action language to encourage more clicks.

Share on Social

Use social media marketing to further expand your reach. Over 90% of marketers say the top benefit of social media marketing is exposure. People will see your posts and share them with their audiences, allowing you to generate more awareness.

Develop a Screening Process

Develop a tenant screening process to avoid problematic renters. Screening reports often include:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Credit score reports
  • Employment verification

Screening tenants ahead of time can help you avoid renters who may damage the property or upset neighbors (and landlord stress). If you're not using tenant screening services, outsource to a rental property management company.

Hire a Rental Property Management Company

An experienced property management company can help you reach renters in Indianapolis. Their proven strategies can save you time and money. With their help, you can lower your vacancy rate to generate more income.

Start Marketing Your Vacant Homes for Rent

Don't miss a chance to fill your available rental properties with amazing renters. Instead, use these marketing strategies to help Indianapolis locals find your homes for rent. With these tips, you can fill your vacant properties to generate more revenue than ever before.

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