Rental Property Maintenance: How to Manage and Plan Your Schedule

Rental Property Maintenance: How to Manage and Plan Your Schedule

When you think about the tenant experience, what comes to mind?

Tenants want a safe, healthy, and friendly place to live. These qualities preserve the quality of life and are essential in attracting and retaining long-term tenants.

Thus, it's no surprise that property management companies are experts in rental maintenance. Everything from tidy landscaping to indoor air quality is vital to maintaining passive rental income.

Learn how to manage your property maintenance effectively.

Find a Manager For Property Maintenance

You have a lot on your plate as a rental property owner. Even one rental can generate a neverending stream of responsibilities, like accounting, tenant procurement, and rent collection. One of the smartest moves you can make is to hire an experienced property manager.

A manager will regularly check on your properties to ensure curb appeal looks great. Next, they'll hire a gardening service to handle lawn mowing, raking, and greens collection. This role also includes tree removal for dead or diseased trees which mitigates health, safety, and weather hazards.

Property managers work with repair companies to service tenants' maintenance requests. Your manager is the point person who ensures broken lightbulbs, appliances, and smoke alarms are fixed and working.

A property manager who uses the latest property management software is also a must.

For example, property managers with PMI Midwest field maintenance requests through an online portal. Tenants simply log into their accounts and book service calls through the maintenance request portals.

Have a Plan For Emergency Repairs

This next point speaks to the importance of using a 24/7 property management company.

You never know when a disaster could strike. A weather event, water main break, or accident can necessitate the need for emergency repairs.

Having just an online request portal isn't enough. You need a property manager (or team) available by phone day or night.

A hallmark of any reputable property management company is safe, functional energy systems. For example, you shouldn't have to worry about HVAC unit leaks or pipe bursts. An experienced manager will conduct property inspections to prevent these problems.

Trimming trees that grow into power lines is another preventative measure. A property manager will also check if the foundation and siding need repairs. Gutters and gaps are also fixed and sealed to prevent critters and other pest infestations.

Create a Maintenance Checklist

When buying a rental, create a checklist for routine maintenance. Include this checklist in your tenant welcome packets to empower them to also check for issues. Print fridge magnets with a 24/7 phone number for tenants to call in an emergency.

You'll also need a move-out maintenance checklist. This checklist will guide you through all the repairs needed before a unit is ready for renting. Common repairs may include fresh coats of paint, new flooring, and upgraded appliances.

The above points really drive home the importance of attracting long-term (and tidy) tenants.

Get Your Rental Ready

Don't rent your property without a solid property maintenance plan. Create a checklist, be available for emergency repairs, and work with an experienced property manager.

PMI Midwest wants to be your property management partner. We tailor our services to each rental individually because every client is unique.

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