5 Ways You Can Attract Renters Using Social Media Marketing

5 Ways You Can Attract Renters Using Social Media Marketing

If you’re a landlord, don’t shy away from social media. That’s because social media offers landlords a cheap yet effective way to advertise and connect with prospective tenants.

These platforms also give renters an opportunity to view units virtually which can expand the pool of applicants. In turn, making a unit seem more desirable.

So, if you’re anything like us at PMI Midwest, you know that managing a social media presence can be overwhelming. With so many platforms, features and apps, how can you possibly know which one will work? But that’s why we’re here. We’ve compiled our top five tips for attracting renters to your property on social media.

1. Encourage Engagement

In order to make a social media post effective, you should try to get people to act on it. This could be something as simple as requesting people to ‘like’ or ‘tag’ someone in the post. Also known as the ‘call to action,’ including something like this is a simple way to direct the viewer to act on your post.

You can do this by including a link that they can contact you at, attaching an application they can fill out, or requesting that they send you an email with their interest. Regardless, encouraging people to act is a great way to drive interest.

2. Make Contacting Easy

If you added a call to action on a social post, you better make sure you mention where people can go to get ahold of you. Otherwise, prospective tenants can get frustrated and end up scrolling right past the ad. So, be sure to direct viewers with a link, email, or phone number that gives them all the details they need to learn more about the unit.

3. Include Property Features

When you make a post, be sure to include as many details as possible. Things like amenities, unique property features, location, promotions, etc., are all great to mention on social media. This is so that your post stands out when compared to others.

Otherwise, prospective tenants can get overwhelmed with all of the choices posted online.

4. Post to Multiple Platforms

One of the best ways to grow your reach is to post on multiple social media platforms. Using different platforms will instantly increase your audience seeing as there will be more people viewing it and you will make sure no one is overlooked.

All of the platform posts can then be linked back to your website or a contact page where people can fill out an application. For example, consider posting to places like Facebook, Instagram, Zillow, Apartments.com, etc. which are all great platforms to advertise on.

5. Post Regularly

To really build a presence online, landlords will need to be consistent. That’s because the more consistent you are with posting, the more traction your posts will get. In turn, helping to build your audience, views, and followers.

Consistent also keeps regularly reminding people of your ads. This ensures you are top of mind if the person needs to find a new unit. Otherwise, posting irregularly can cause viewers to forget about you, or scroll right past in favor of a landlord with a better online presence.

Ultimately, when you increase social media engagement, you’re improving your business. Not only can social media help you connect with prospective tenants, but it can be used to raise awareness of vacant units that people would otherwise not know about.

If you’d be interested in learning how we can help you improve your social media accounts consider speaking with a member of our staff today by calling 317-546-3482 or emailing info@midwestpmi.com.