These 5 Summer Activities Will Keep Your Indianapolis Tenants Entertained

These 5 Summer Activities Will Keep Your Indianapolis Tenants Entertained

When it comes to Indy, there’s no shortage of fun around. This is especially true in the summer with all the parks, activities, and events to explore.

That’s why with all there is to do around the city; landlords should let their tenants know. Promoting events can get tenants more involved and foster new relationships that get them outside meeting neighbors.

So, keep reading for our top five summertime picks.

1. White River State Park

No day in downtown Indianapolis is complete without a trip to one of the most beautiful parks you can find in the area. Located right in the core, this stunning addition covers nearly two hundred and fifty acres of ground that is filled with plenty to see and do. Fill the day with plenty of parks and trails perfect for a day trip, picnic, or simply enjoying the waterfront.

2. Indianapolis Zoo

Is any summer really complete without a family trip to the zoo? We don’t think so! That’s why one of our top summertime activities is to visit the Indianapolis Zoo. Although located in the downtown area of Indy, you’d be naive to think that the zoo would be short on green space and animals. That’s because the Indy Zoo is home to nearly 3,800 different animals from over 320 species. As if that’s not enough reason to grab the family and head over, the Zoo is also filled with a large park, botanical garden, and an aquarium.

3. Lilly House and Gardens

For nature and history buffs, consider spending the day at the Lilly House and Gardens. This historic landmark is actually a part of the Indianapolis Museum of Art but is worth seeing on its own, especially when the weather is nice!

That’s because The Lilly House sits on twenty-six acres of lush, beautiful gardens. The home originally belonged to J.K. Lilly Jr., a well-known Indy philanthropist and collector. His estate has been restored to allow people a glimpse into life in Indy in the 1930s. So, why not spend a day soaking in the sun in the garden and learning about the history of the town?

4. Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Even if you’ve lived in Indy for years, we still recommend taking a day and spending it on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. This trail stretches eight miles long, beginning in downtown Indy and will take walkers to some of the most interesting locations the area has to offer. While on the walk, you will be taken through the art district, parks, gardens, shops, and trails all while learning the history and significance behind them.

5. Victory Field

Summer really isn’t complete without a trip to the ballpark. That’s exactly why Victory Field made it on our list of top summertime activities. This family-friendly spot is one of the most iconic Indy locations and also one of the best ballparks for minor-league baseball in the country. Plus, even if you’re not a huge sports fan, there is still plenty to see with tours being given of the stadium, the training room, press box, clubhouse, dug out, and grounds.

Ultimately, at PMI, we understand how important it is to have a sense of community with your tenants. So, let them know that there’s plenty to keep them busy in the Indy area.

If you’d want more information on what’s happening in Indy this summer, consider speaking with a staff member today by phone at 317-546-3482 or emailing at