How Long Does an Eviction Take? A Guide for Newbie Landlords

How Long Does an Eviction Take? A Guide for Newbie Landlords

In a perfect world, landlords wouldn't ever have to worry about trying to evict their tenants. Every tenant all across the U.S. would pay their rent to live in a rental property on time and avoid the eviction process altogether.

But unfortunately, that isn't how things work out. Each year, right around 3 million evictions take place throughout the country. It forces landlords and tenants from all over the place to go through the eviction timeline.

So, how long does an eviction take? You should know the answer to this question if you're a landlord. It'll let you know what you can expect from the eviction process.

Find out the answer below.

How Long Does an Eviction Take?

If you own a rental property in the Indianapolis area and a tenant hasn't been paying rent or has violated the terms of their lease, you may be able to end a lease early by evicting them. This can take anywhere from just a couple of weeks to several months.

The answer to the question, "How long does an eviction take?", will vary depending on how hard a tenant wants to fight back against you trying to evict them. This will add extra time to the eviction timeline.

Why Does an Eviction Take So Long?

An eviction in Indianapolis can take a long time because of all the steps involved with the eviction process. You should have a good understanding of how this process will play out just in case you ever have to evict a tenant.

Here are the steps that'll need to be taken:

  1. You provide a tenant with a written notice asking them to pay any rent they owe you within 10 days
  2. You send a tenant another written notice if they don't pay the rent letting them know you would like to end their lease
  3. You take a tenant to court by filing an eviction lawsuit against them

A tenant may willingly choose to leave your rental property if they don't want to have to go through this entire process. But if they want to see it through to the end, it could take some time for everything to get sorted out.

In the meantime, you'll just need to hang tight and avoid trying to physically remove a tenant from your rental property. If you're successful with your eviction lawsuit, law enforcement will force them out and let you retake possession of your rental property.

Can You Speed Up an Eviction?

There isn't really a good way to speed up an eviction. You can, however, get some assistance from a great property management company if you happen to be working with one.

A property management company like PMI Midwest will handle evicting a tenant for you. We'll also provide you with some financial help to help cover the costs associated with the eviction process.

Let Us Assist You With the Eviction Process

After finding out the answer to the question, "How long does an eviction take?", you might not have any interest in going through the eviction process. At PMI Midwest, we don't blame you one bit.

We can make the eviction process easier for you when you take advantage of our property management services. Contact us today to get more information on them.