The Ultimate Winter Property Maintenance Checklist for Landlords

The Ultimate Winter Property Maintenance Checklist for Landlords

If you’re a landlord, you know how much effort goes into maintaining a property. Whether it’s lawn care, renovations, system updates, or fixes; maintenance work is never-ending. This is especially true in the winter when things like snow, ice, and freezing rain all wreak havoc on homes.

So, prepare yourself for this winter season by following our ultimate winter maintenance checklist below.

1. Clean the Gutters

A home’s gutters will be used a lot during the winter with all the freezing and thawing that happens. They are essential for collecting and transferring water which is why they should be checked and cleared of debris before the cold sets in. Simply remove any build-up that’s accumulated and check that it’s securely attached to the building without holes or signs of decay. Otherwise, the gutters could detach during a storm and cause bigger problems in the future.

2. Check the Roof & Exterior

Another task that landlords should complete before the winter arrives is to complete a roof and exterior inspection of the property. While walking around, make note of any holes, loose shingles, or repairs that should be made before ice, snow, or pests make their way in. This is especially important to do before snow comes because it can make it hard for repairmen to spot and fix exterior problems until the weather changes.

3. Set a Plan for Snow & Ice

If your property is in an area that gets regular snowfalls, you should have a removal plan in place. Otherwise, waiting until the winter can leave you frantically trying to get supplies and hire contractors. If you’re a landlord that’s choosing to handle snow removal on your own you will want to stock up on salt and shovels. Plus, check that your snow blowers haven’t run out of gas or suffered damage from the previous season.

Landlords that don’t want to handle snow removal on their own should consider hiring contractors or working with a property management company. Just be sure to connect with them before winter to outline exactly what services you want done, pricing, and turnaround.

4. Service the HVAC

It should come as no surprise that tenants will be using the heating system more in the winter. With all this added stress, water heaters and HVAC systems should be inspected before the winter surge hits. This is simply to make sure there are no necessary repairs or potential issues that could cause it to stop working mid-winter.

To properly have these inspected it is critical to get a trusted HVAC professional to look at the system and make recommendations.

5. Winterize Amenities

Amenities like pools, gyms, and outdoor BBQ areas should also get some attention before the winter. Some of the more obvious tasks include things like shutting down and covering pools, putting outdoor furniture into storage, or using tarps to cover equipment and shrubs.

There are also some less-obvious things to look for while preparing these areas for winter. For example things like drafty windows, holes in the wall, worn-out equipment, or missing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Although these issues may not be pressing, if they are left untouched, they will likely persist and become bigger issues to deal with.

Although landlords can complete these tasks on their own, we always recommend working with a property management company, like us at PMI Midwest. We have a maintenance team available 24/7 that can personalize a winter maintenance schedule that fits the specific needs of your property. Plus, we only work with the most trusted contractors so you can rest assured you are getting quality service every time.  

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